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If you are interested in becoming a cricket umpire or want to know about circket umpiring in Canada or umpire examinations please contact association president Saurabh Naik (, Secretary Tushar Thakar( or association treasurer Mike Henry (

March 07. 2017

Umpire sanctions under the new code (MCC)
Level 1
Offences include excessive appealing and showing dissent at an umpire's decision. Following an official warning, a second Level 1 offence will result in five penalty runs being awarded to the opposing team.
Level 2
Offences (including throwing the ball at a player or making deliberate physical contact with an opponent during play), will result in the immediate awarding of five penalty runs to the opposing team.
Level 3
Offences (including intimidating an umpire or threatening to assault another player, team official or spectator) will result in five penalty runs and a removal of the offending player from the field for a set number of overs, depending on the format of the match.
Level 4
Offences (threatening an umpire or committing any act of violence on the field of play), will result in five penalty runs and the removal of the offending player for the remainder of the match. If the player is batting at the time of the offence, he/she will be recorded as 'retired out'.

January 21. 2018
Annual umpiring education seminars - 2018 begins from Feb 4, 2018 every Sundays - 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m at Police Station, 31 Division, 40 Norfinch Dr., Toronto, ON, M3N 1X
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February, 2017
Notice hereby is given that, in accordance with the Constitution, the Annual General Meeting of the Toronto Cricket Umpires & Scorers Association will be held on Tuesday, February 21 , 2017 commencing at 7.00 PM at Jane/Finch Police station, Div.31. 40 Norfinch Dr. Toronto. Click on the link for the agenda, last AGM minutes and Secretary's annual report. For more information, contact or NEW

Feb, 2017
Membership fees for the year 2017 is $120. The membership renewal form and new member registration form can be downloaded from here : New Member Registration Form , Membership Renewal Form. You can fill the form, save it in your computer and then mail it to the concerned executive.

Feb, 2017
Cricket Canada Guidelines for Umpires, Instructors and Match Managers can be downloaded from here.

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2017 TCU&SA Umpire of the Year Award

award Umpire K.M Shanthikumar demonstrated high level of consistency in decision-making and officiating skills to win the Toronto Cricket Umpires and Scorers Association 2017 Umpire of the Year Award at the TCU&SA Award Presentation night held on November 2017.

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